AWS Big Data Solutions Showcase – Week 3

The AWS Big Data Solution Showcase is in its third and final week, including a presentation by Bytecode IO’s founder and Solution Architect Charlie Killian on October 21st!  We hope that you will join us at this virtual summit to learn how Big Data solutions are changing the way business decisions are made and to experiment with key solutions running on the AWS Cloud today.

Running for three weeks and across three separate tracks, the AWS Big Data Solution Showcase will explore these three topics:

  • Data Enablement: how to simplify and automate data management processes.
  • Customer Behavior Analysis: how to enhance a customer’s experience with data, analysis and management tools
  • Governance and Compliance: how to harness the information generated from your infrastructure logs.

This week the AWS Big Data Solution Showcase presents the following webinars:

  • Customer Behavior Analytics Track – Oct 21st – 9AM PST
      • Learn how Couchsurfing transformed 3 months of data loading into 3 hours – with Brad Helicher from Attunity and Charlie Killian from Bytecode IO.  Register here.
  • Governance and Compliance Track – Oct 23rd – 9AM PST
    • From weeks to hours: How Tableau and AWS have changed the way Big Data analytics is done with Paul Lilford and Dustin Smith from Tableau.  Register here.

You can register for any or all of these informative webinars here.

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