Looker and Bytecode IO

Bytecode IO is Looker’s long-term and most experienced Full Stack Data and Analytics partner. With scores of Looker implementations, the Bytecode IO consultants are Looker certified pros who bring great breadth and depth of skills including functional, technical, business, and industry specific, to each and every Looker implementation project. The data and analytics teams at Bytecode IO team cover the complete range of implementation services relevant for an analytics ecosystem – data transformation and integration, data warehousing specialists, Looker model developers, and data analysts who fulfil the end-to-end requirements for every engagement.

Over the years, Bytecode IO consultants have harnessed expertise in:

  • Implementing Looker for internal Business Intelligence
  • Developing embedded (Powered by Looker) analytics applications
  • Driving data driven cultures across the organization

Ecosystem-driven Implementation Services

The Bytecode IO team of experts deliver value-added solutions and services for all stages of an analytics deployment. Our multidisciplinary teams cover a wide range of modern technologies across the analytics ecosystem.

Powered by Looker Embedded Analytics Specialists

Team Bytecode IO specializes in deploying Looker for embedded analytics so customers can build their own data-as-a-product. By following the foundational steps, Bytecode IO ensures that they are successfully able to transform the customer’s vision to reality.

Bytecode IO teams empower clients by helping architect, build and deploy embedded analytics solutions, Powered by Looker, including:
  • Web application integration
  • Model and visualization development
  • Product and go-to-market strategy

Areas of Looker Expertise

Cohort Analysis

Develop extensible frameworks to enable dynamic, flexible cohort analysis across different time dimensions.
  • Top customer behavior by order history, revenue, lifetime value
  • Customer analysis by sign up, renew or cancellation period
  • A / B testing

Funnel Analytics

Collaborate with clients to transform their data and process complexities into simple, intuitive, and powerful analytics for the business.
  • Cross channel lead to conversion attribution funnels
  • Time based customer retention
  • Multi-dimensional funnel analysis

Data Actions

Enable users to access insights directly from Slack as well as build custom alerting and workflow management
  • Data action integration
  • Model extension for action
  • Slack, JIRA, AWS, Twilio, Segment and Hipchat to name a few

Performance Tuning

Apply industry best practices and follow tried ’n’ tested optimization processes to vastly improve query performance, while maximizing each technology for its potential to deliver quick, real-time analytics to end users.
  • Redshift, BigQuery and Snowflake optimization
  • Looker model and query tuning
  • Caching strategies

Data Preparation

Manage the data preparation process so the data science teams can focus their time on writing and optimizing algorithms that drive the business instead of fixing formats and correcting values.
  • Data cleansing
  • Data quality management
  • Data enrichment

Successful Looker Implementations by Bytecode IO

Enabling a data driven culture
Challenge: No Business Intelligence
Solution: Architected and implemented a full business intelligence platform
Result: Insight into daily operations and building a data driven culture
Lookerize the reporting world
Challenge: Internal and partner facing analytics was constrained by product limitations in GoodData
Solution: Migrated existing reporting to Looker and built powerful ad-hoc analytics capabilities for entire company
Result: Ability to deliver complete reporting to their partner ecosystem
Unlocking Redshift performance
Challenge: Inadequate query performance for customer facing dashboards
Solution: Optimized Redshift and Looker to reduce query times by 10X
Result: Increase in adoption enabled by improving performance and scaling concurrency
Deploying best-in-class analytics technologies
Challenge: Existing analytics stack faced performance issues and unable to meet customer data needs
Solution: Architected, deployed and provide on-going management of best-in-class analytics tech stack
Result: Launched new analytics product to the entire customer base and data is now market differentiator in product portfolio


Bytecode IO – Partner Brief: Embedded Analytics

Data is at the very core for every business to thrive in today’s competitive market. Monetize your data with Embedded Analytics Powered by Looker, Delivered by Bytecode IO. Download the Partner Brief

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