Beauty Industry Group

Jun 9, 2023

Beauty Industry Group is a holding company that owns and operates businesses uniquely poised for success within the professional beauty industry. BIG products are sold and distributed throughout North America, Australia, Europe, and Latin America.

The Opportunity: Overcoming Disconnected Data

Beauty Industry Group (BIG) is on a mission to help individuals inspire their creativity and enhance their natural beauty through its world-leading products. Over the years, the holding company has worked to identify and acquire up-and-coming haircare brands, with each brand responsible for managing its own data and applications. Today, BIG oversees more than a dozen separate brands, each operating as its own business unit.

Because each brand is siloed off from the others, BIG struggled to collect and analyze sales data, requiring their data team to manually pull data from multiple instances of Shopify, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Klavio, and Netsuite. Each brand sells its products in salons and through their own ecommerce channels, making it difficult to quickly pull key sales data or identify marketing trends or opportunities.

The inability to quickly access and analyze data put undue pressure on the finance team at year-end. Because the bulk of the company’s revenue comes late in Q4 during Black Friday and the holidays, the company struggled to get the data it needed in time to inform its financial planning for the next year while hampering its ability to engage in rolling forecasts.

The Solution: Looker and Bytecode IO

BIG needed a way to consolidate its multiple data sources into a central modeling tool so it could reduce its time-to-insight. Working with Bytecode IO, the #1 Google Cloud Platform data partner, BIG enabled its corporate sales, marketing, and finance teams to gain new operational insight into their wholesale and ecommerce performance across brands.

Taking BIG’s data in Azure, Bytecode IO implemented Looker to provide a single source of insight into all sales, marketing, and finance data across all brands in a single source. Bytecode IO then created a series of executive dashboards to give business leaders a 360o view of BIG’s overall business that provided the ability to dig into the details at the brand level and across different marketing and sales channels.

The Results: Bringing Insights Together

Thanks to Bytecode IO and Looker, BIG can now easily leverage a variety of self-serve dashboards to gain insight and drive decision-making:

  • An Executive KPI Dashboard provides real-time visibility into the health of the business by rolling up all brands into a single view.
  • A Business Unit KPI dashboard allows executives to easily dive into the sub-brand level to identify the operational impact of each brand on the bottom line.
  • A Brand Health dashboard shows the sales and marketing performance of each brand so the finance team can better predict future revenue, improving their ability to forecast and plan.
  • A Data Quality Assurance dashboard combines raw ad data, net sales data, and business financial data to measure the impact of ad spend on the business.
  • A DTC (Direct-To-Consumer) Scorecard Dashboard provides a holistic rollup of sales and financial data that enable BIG’s executives to view ecommerce performance at a glance, while a DTC Cheat Sheet Dashboard lets the sales and marketing team measure campaign performance across brands so they can fine-tune campaigns.
  • A Black Friday dashboard allows executives to specifically track sales, marketing, and finance data related to the holiday sales period, allowing the finance team to use this data to quickly solidify budgets and forecasts for the next year.

Results at a glance

  • Consolidated more than a dozen business units into a single, 360 degree holistic view
  • Enabled self-service analytics to accelerate decision-making for operational teams
  • Implemented a modern data solution so BIG can continue to grow and acquire new brands

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