Jan 19, 2023

Benevity delivers global corporate purpose software that provides the market’s only integrated suite of community investment and employee, customer, and nonprofit engagement solutions.

To date, Benevity has processed more than $10 billion in donations and 46 million hours of volunteering time to support 326,000 nonprofits worldwide.

The Opportunity: Bringing Analytics to the Next Level

Many companies today position themselves as driven by purpose, not just profit. Recognized as one of Fortune’s Impact 20, Benevity provides a corporate purpose software solution that aims to make giving easier for leading brands and their employees, customers, and partners. Thanks to Benevity’s cloud solution, iconic brands such as UPS, Levi’s, Visa, and Starbucks are able to leverage nonprofit giving to better attract and retain a diverse workforce, incorporate social action into their customer experiences, and positively impact the community.

Analytics and visualizations are a critical component to Benevity’s solution, with customers using data to measure and optimize their giving. In order to enable its platform to scale, perform, and deliver rapid innovation, Benevity decided to transition to a Google-based next-generation analytics platform.

The Solution: Looker and Bytecode IO

After a comprehensive evaluation of the market, Benevity chose the Google Cloud Platform to power its next-generation analytics platform, with Looker and BigQuery selected thanks to their unparalleled capabilities to deliver governed, scalable, and performant analytics. In order to bring the platform to customers quickly, Benevity chose the #1 Google Cloud Platform data and analytics partner Bytecode IO to support the implementation of their new business intelligence and visualization platform.

Bytecode IO worked closely with Benevity to define the company’s overall goals, objectives, and use cases while helping their technical team map business questions to data sources and availability, review data architectures end-to-end, and make security recommendations to keep sensitive customer data safe.

Bytecode IO then worked as an extension of Benevity’s data and analytics team to bring the solution to life, taking responsibility for configuring Fivetran, Google Datastream, BigQuery, and Looker.

Bytecode IO and Benevity worked closely using a Continuous Integration Continuous Deploy (CICD) architecture and process to bring the project to life. Bytecode IO also created an Application Integration Engineering Specification that defined the Looker Embed architecture, ensuring that Looker was integrated into the platform already optimized for performance and security.

Bytecode IO developed Benevity’s initial analytics capability, which focused on measuring Grant Performance, a core workload for Benevity customers that delivered significant value immediately upon release. Once the dashboard was deployed, Bytecode IO trained Benevity’s technical team on how to use and maximize the Google Cloud Platform through a series of co-development sessions to ensure complete knowledge transfer.

The Google Cloud Platform now allows Benevity to provide its customers with unmatched insight into their giving campaigns thanks to holistic analytics across product lines, virtually eliminating the previous technology silos.

The Results: Creating a Culture of Data

Benevity provides powerful analytics as a core part of the platform. With the Google Cloud Platform, Benevity now has a next-generation cloud-based analytics platform that allows the company to unlock faster development cycles, enhance analytic performance, and build towards a future state that includes machine learning capabilities.

Thanks to the Google Cloud Platform and Bytecode IO, Benevity unlocked the full power of analytics faster and more efficiently:

  • Google Cloud’s managed data solutions helped Benevity retire its previous high- maintenance solution, reducing infrastructure and management costs.
  • The new solution will also enable Benevity to enrich its existing datasets with machine learning, helping the company deliver greater analytics value to customers without impacting scale or performance.
  • Bytecode IO helped Benevity significantly decrease cloud infrastructure setup time while ensuring efficient data flow end-to-end. A technical runbook and training document was created to enable Benevity to manage future cloud infrastructure maintenance as the technical team sees fit while leveraging Bytecode IO for technical assistance as needed.
  • Bytecode IO’s Looker expertise ensured Benevity went to market with its new analytics solution as quickly as possible while keeping its technical team focused on innovating the entire Benevity platform instead of getting sidetracked implementing an analytics solution.
  • By working with Benevity to create its Promotion Process Architecture Document, Bytecode IO ensured Benevity would leverage a best-in-class process for code management, content management, and deployment of dev pipeline end-to-end.
  • In addition to gaining a next-generation analytics platform, Benevity now has a Solution Architecture and Project Phases plan in place that outlines everything required to implement future data platform capabilities. This will allow Benevity’s team to invest in new technologies and skill sets appropriately as it builds towards adding machine learning and AI workload capabilities.

Results At A Glance

  • Partnered with business leaders to create an actionable roadmap of their vision.
  • Worked with the technical team as their analytics experts to accelerate the project.
  • Built a next-generation analytics platform on the cloud while enabling future capabilities.

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