In business, data is one of your most valuable resources that makes strong Business Intelligence invaluable. Combining historical data and making sense of it all, however, is the real challenge.  We help you get from an unwieldy mountain of historical data to a concise, useful history that you can use to help forecast your future.

Over the years, we’ve identified some common “pain points” that our customers face. Does any of the below sound too familiar to you? No matter where you are on the Data Landscape, we can help you evolve your Data Intelligence to the next level.

InfrastructurePain Point: Infrastructure

  • We have performance issues and infrastructure caving under the load.
  • Our databases aren’t scaling to meet increasing demand.
  • We are not capturing all the user data we could.

Our DevOps team will work with you to:

  • Identify and correct problems within your infrastructure
  • Assess your scaling needs
  • Suggest and implement fixes or upgrades to address your infrastructure needs.

Pain Point: Integration

  • Data is everywhere! Needs to be corralled into one place!
  • We need to connect the dots for the business. The product team isn’t sure why things happen when they do.
  • Our existing architecture needs some review and consolidation. It’s becoming unmanageable.

Our Data Architect will work with you to: 

  • Identify the data you need to source to get your answers
  • Design a centralized operational data store to consolidate your data into an ODS, forming the foundation for your new data warehouse
  • Design the ETL processes to get the data flowing in from all your sources

Pain Point: Data Modeling

  • We have created our own consolidated data store (ODS), but we want to evolve to the next level of data warehousing.
  • We have unstructured data we want to report on.
  • Our application was bootstrapped and we would now like a Data Architect and DBAs to optimize our databases.

Our Data Architect will work with you to: 

  • Learn what questions your business has and design a warehouse with facts and dimensions to answer them
  • Capture new concepts in data warehousing to measure advanced topics like user engagement, user retention, time to payment and summarized facts used for trend analysis
  • Give structure to your raw data making it easier to understand and easier to use.

Pain Point: Visualization

  • We have some basic operating reports but we really need to see what is going on over time.
  • We need to standardize our metric definitions across the organization.
  • Our reports are downloaded to excel. There is no control over what is being done to manipulate the numbers.
  • We need a holistic presentation dash-boarding layer for our information to organize our business.

Our Data Analysts will work with you to: 

  • Facilitate sessions to gather metric definition requirements
  • Organize and document the data definitions to promote consistency across the organization
  • Design real time reporting and interactive dashboards that deliver the actionable information you need

Pain Point: Market Business Analysis

  • How do we compare to other main players in our industry?
  • Are we looking at the right metrics for growth?
  • We know where we want to go, but are we really getting there?

Our Data Analysts will work with you to: 

  • Identify and track your key business metrics
  • Chart your progress over time allowing you to plan your activities more efficiently