about data.

Our mission is to ensure businesses make the best use of their data, whether it comes from a single source or from dozens. We believe the best business decisions come from clearly visualized information.

Our core business

Business Intelligence

Telling a compelling story for your business is important, from the day-to-day operational overview to gathering the metrics needed to secure the next round of funding. Bytecode IO works in tandem with you to assess the requirements to build insightful reports and interactive dashboards to tell your story.

Data Integration

Bytecode IO works with you to collect, analyze and integrate your disparate data sources and silos of information to design a data acquisition architecture that is maintainable, scalable and robust.

Solution Architecture

Systems architecture and data architecture are crucial for both day-to-day and long-term success. Our architects take a holistic view of each client’s objective and integrate leading technologies to create comprehensive and scalable solutions.

Technology stack

Architecting comprehensive, scalable solutions for complex data ecosystems requires a wide breadth of technical knowledge and experience. We have decades of experience with a variety of technologies and are always on the lookout for the latest ones.

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