Case Studies


Spireon, Inc. is North America’s leading connected vehicle intelligence company, providing businesses and consumers with powerful insights to track, manage and protect their most valuable mobile assets.

Spireon’s existing infrastructure needed to evolve to meet the demands of the business to include near real-time insights and rapid product delivery.

It was time for Spireon to evaluate new best-in-class technologies designed to solve the key data challenges facing the team.

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Liftopia is a commerce platform that provides pricing, ecommerce and distribution solutions for high volume ticketing businesses, and is used by over 120 ski lift companies, water parks and other attraction providers worldwide.

They use Amazon Redshift to centralize data across multiple sources, and Looker as an analytics solution provider for themselves and their partners.

As Liftopia’s partner base increased and reporting needs expanded, the performance of their end user experience began to be impacted and Service Level Objectives for report rendering were not being met. With peak ski season looming, they needed help fast to stay ahead of the impending wave of demand so they could deliver performant insights to their partners.

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Couchsurfing has a unique technological history of being “community built” and evolved over the past 10 years.

What began as a small company had grown much larger than their infrastructure was designed to handle: hundreds of users had become thousands and then millions.

While the original site has great features and a large user base, the original architecture was built without consideration for data analysis.

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