Plug and Play Data Movement in the Cloud

May 26, 2016

Any developer who has ever been tasked with consolidating data sources before performing analysis knows the challenge of silos, especially when data is sprawled out across multiple third-party services. But what about if you had to help a client pull application data from 47 different MySQL databases and then consolidate it into an operational data store (ODS) for analysis?

In Episode 7 of The New Builders, Killian and Maston break down how they deployed a cloud-based data warehouse to solve the data silo challenge (3:14), how plug-and-play data movement tools enabled them to reduce an ODS project timeline from three months to three hours (8:03), how data warehousing differs at enterprises vs. startups (22:19), and why “learning the data” is the best step any developer can take, even if they aren’t directly involved in data warehousing (29:22).